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Coming to Georgia

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No matter how you are arriving
in Georgia, carry valid travel papers.
BCV, 71 Vazha-Pshavela Ave
Office #35/2
0186, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 2205502

To get into Georgia

  • A passport valid for minimum six
    months beyond the period of
    intended stay is needed.
  • No visas required for the citizens
    of majority of countries.
  • You can check your country and
    apply for electronic visa if needed
  • For further information please
    contact on email:

Georgian Money

You can visit for Lari currency here:

Language and Culture

The official language is Georgian.
The language is unique and
has no analogy in the world.
Writing is also unique and is in the
list of world’s 14 writing.
English or the Russian are also
welcomed to most of the population.
Young society generally
speaks English while Russian is
fluent for the elder people.
You can travel just about anywhere
in Georgia using English or
This is always fun and polite to
say some phrases in native language.
Some useful words in Georgian:

  • Gamarjoba - Hello
  • Madloba - Thank you
  • Nakhvamdis - Good Bye
  • Sad aris? – where is it?
  • Sad aris gemrieli restorani? -
    Where is it delicious restaurant
  • Rogor khar? – How are you?


Georgian weather
varies greatly from
region to region and
season to season.
From seaside to moun-
tain and everything
in between, Georgia
has the lot.



Grab your snowboard
and skiing in
Gudauri. Gudauri is
cold in January and
February, but it’s
perfect for snow
sculptures, snow
baths and night
parties of the world
Winter fan lovers.
Adjara - seaside has
an average high of
32 degrees Celsius
within the city where
you can enjoy the